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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday Morning Session

This is what I woke up to early Saturday morning (notice the light is on in the back which means the sun is barely up).  The bigger kids planned and schemed all week long on how, what, and where to construct their traditional tent for conference.  It was cozy and a great way to snuggle together while listening to the excellent words of this last LDS General Conference.  With the waft of warm strawberry scones hot out of the oven and the sweetness of the morning, I think it was just about the perfect way to start a fabulous family weekend.

P.S. Thank you Sugardoodle for the quiet saver conference packets for all the ages!  The treat bingo was a HUGE hit. :)


  1. Oh cute! What a good mom you are.

  2. How fun! I was thinking it would be fun to camp in the family room when we didn't quite get it set up outside before dark! But, we were bums :)! And, way to go on a beautiful last minute talk!

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  4. We made a conference tent and used Sugardoodle packets too. :) I'm guessing you're farther north than us if it was still dark though...since we're on the West Coast and it was light. :)