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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Boo and Thank You

As goofy as we are, my little family had a blast this Halloween. This is us at the freezing trunk or treat. What a haul! Bananas was an Egyptian Queen complete with eye makeup which thrilled her to death. The Boy couldn't help but be Captain Jack Sparrow beard and all. Rapunzel, well, was Rapunzel this year. She grew her hair out past her bottom and boy, do I understand Tangled a lot better now. Jelly Beans, was a Sleeping Beauty and would curtsy every so gracefully with a, "Your Majesty" or "My, Lady." Quite hilarious.

But as much fun as Halloween was, I have been working on Fall/Thanksgiving decor for the last month and a half. Blame Super got me in the mood for a serious craft fest of goodness.

I throughally enjoyed ripping up a book making the paper pumpkin. It took about as many hours as sticking its counter part, the gold tack pumpkin. I had a bit of scrap paper left over from my 'Give Thanks' blocks and couldn't help myself and make my best knock off of a leaf garland. But those yarn wrapped candy cones where the easiest thing on the planet.  Yarn wrapping and I are going to be really good friends I think.  I saw these little ditties of framed leaves and figured out my own version as well because I was not patient enough to wait till morning to hunt down some gorgeous fall leaves.

A million candy corns later...

And a burlap table runner complete with lace trimmings.  Mine is a bit rumpled from use and since we are all on a first name basis I figured the pressing could wait. ;) Of course my pinsperation was gorgeous!  I couldn't justify purchasing new lace at over seven dollars a yard so I made do with what I had.

I am grateful for this cozy time of year when things become focused on gratitude, generosity, and blessings.  Since today is the 13th day I figured I could at least list thirteen things that I am more than blessed to have.
  1. A hard working man who loves me and my children and the Lord more than anything else in the world,  even more than football.  That is saying something.
  2. Four beautiful, sometime precocious and wild, but darling children.
  3. A home filled with love and laughter.
  4.  The full Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  5. Being able to stay home with my kiddos each and every day.
  6. Having the privilege and responsibility of teaching my children.
  7. Living in the United States.
  8. Seeing the first real snowfall and the wonder of it all through my children's eyes.
  9. New winter tires.
  10. Hands.
  11. Inspiration from the Holy Ghost when I truly need it.
  12. Walking.
  13. Trees that looked like they were blooming a sunset.