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Friday, December 10, 2010

Sew Crazy or Who Let Me Near JoAnne's

With Christmas on it way, the sewing machine, pricking my fingers like a pin cushion, and putting love into each gift have been keeping me up to the wee morning hours, but I love it!

Here are a few of my projects that have been keeping me sew crazy.

Purse turned backpack for Jelly Beans in the cutest fabric...

With button backings...

a closable pocket with bonus wallet...

Then the big girls' sophisticated front pocket purses,
complete with matching wallets...

and lined with double pockets:
one open for crayon rolls (post coming soon)
one sewn as color pencil holders...

Then I couldn't forget my sweet boy!
However, I am sure a purse wouldn't be his cup of tea...

but a notebook holder, now that's more like it...

and for keeping his moolah handy...a dinosaur wallet!

One would think that would put out any crafter's fire, but JoAnne's near my house had killer Black Friday sales and there are more projects on the way! Crayon rolls, doorway puppet theaters, and double sided fleece blankets for Christmas Eve.

I better get crackin'.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something I didn't know about myself

It is strange the experiences that have been put in my path. Things I never thought I could do, I have been blessed with the capacity to do.

I never thought I could live day to day life as a single mother of four in a rural town that requires 2 hours of driving to the nearest Walmart and still get in things like, shower, sleep, and breathing. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier that we (hubby and all) are safely under one roof with a great job, but I could do it again if needed.

Or how about run a 5k race, then turn around a few weeks later and run 10 miles in 1/2 marathon training? Who ever thought that was possible? Certianly not me! But I did it, and now think of myself as an athlete, a complete beginner but the potential has been opened.

As a child of God, I am stronger than I gave myself credit for.

Then there is my newest calling as the Relief Society counselor over activities. I am a naturally shy, quiet, reserved person. At least I used to think so. Slowly over the last few years that has been squelched in my efforts to grow in my callings that require public speaking, appearance, leadership, and cooperation of large groups. I have to put myself out there and let it settle however it does, fumbles and all.

I realized something about myself today, I love people and sincerely want the best for them but at the same time,

I am who I am...

and I am happy with that.