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Friday, December 10, 2010

Sew Crazy or Who Let Me Near JoAnne's

With Christmas on it way, the sewing machine, pricking my fingers like a pin cushion, and putting love into each gift have been keeping me up to the wee morning hours, but I love it!

Here are a few of my projects that have been keeping me sew crazy.

Purse turned backpack for Jelly Beans in the cutest fabric...

With button backings...

a closable pocket with bonus wallet...

Then the big girls' sophisticated front pocket purses,
complete with matching wallets...

and lined with double pockets:
one open for crayon rolls (post coming soon)
one sewn as color pencil holders...

Then I couldn't forget my sweet boy!
However, I am sure a purse wouldn't be his cup of tea...

but a notebook holder, now that's more like it...

and for keeping his moolah handy...a dinosaur wallet!

One would think that would put out any crafter's fire, but JoAnne's near my house had killer Black Friday sales and there are more projects on the way! Crayon rolls, doorway puppet theaters, and double sided fleece blankets for Christmas Eve.

I better get crackin'.


  1. I am deeply impressed Missy. I guess I should have taken advantage of your sewing skills and had you teach me a few tricks before you moved. :( maybe one day. I am sure that your kids will love what you have made. heck... I love what you have made. way to go!!

  2. OMG. Hello. ;)
    I very like your designs. They are great! Greetings from Polish. ;)

    My Page

  3. Ok so I always knew you were creative and crafty but holy cow! This is inspiring. When you guys were here for weeks at a time we should have been wearing out my machine! I especially love the backpack purse! You are amazing girl!

  4. You are Sew :) amazing! Wow, I wish I could sew like that! Such cute stuff!!