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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well, then...

It has been a whirl-wind of activity here in the last month and half. SO in an attempt to get all caught up I am going bullet point goes....warning this will be very random...
  • Hallelujah!!! Mister passed his nursing license exam and is now a full fledged Registered Nurse.
  • We are still in search of Nursing Job. Hopefully good news soon!
  • With serious amount of prayers, bait and mouse traps, I have managed to eradicate mice from the premises. They are NOT my friends.
  • I have officially become the quickest draw in the West...well my part of town, with the insecticide when it comes to in home invasions of ants. This one really chaps my hide...I vacuum and mop everyday, leave no trace of food after each meal, and all my wanted goods are in plastic sealed containers. Grrrrr...stinking ants.
  • I am the proud renter of a massive garden that currently is masquerading as the world's most wanted weed patch. I plan on having a garden throw down as soon as I get back...
  • from my sisters house!!! I get to go play with my sister in Washington and kiss her new baby boy and my nieces whom I haven't seen in almost four years!
  • I have lost enough weight to walk into a regular store and by pass all signs that say "Plus-size".
  • I am planning on running a 5K in nine weeks. I am a gluten for punishment I have decided. Nix that. I am embarking on new and exciting adventures that will challenge me and reward me beyond measure in my newer body.
  • My neighbors find my jogging around my acre yard quite comical.
  • I have seeds! And fertilizer that I have no idea how to use, but it will be going down in the ground soon.
  • I have decided that I am going to pursue becoming a childrens book illustrator and author.
  • It has snowed/pelted mini snowballs more this 'spring' than during the winter and I feel like turning on the Christmas music again. Is this a redo, do over, or second helpings of winter?...hello spring are you there?
  • Realized once again, how exhausting it is to pack for four small people and then still find time to care about getting my things packed.
  • I love how my house smells after making Apple Pie Granola, Triple Chip Oatmeal Cookies, and a fresh rain shower.
  • now I must get to bed to wake up at O'dark thirty to drive for a whole day! Ta-ta and I will update while with my Sister!