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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Latter-day Homeschooling, Are You Next?

Latter-day Homeschooling

You thought I was going to challenge all of you to homeschool, didn't you?  Don't worry you are safe. ;)  Actually I wanted to share this blog with others in the hopes that the fine ladies who run Latter-day Homeschooling would be so kind as to include my blog on their blog list so that I can be more integrated into the blogosphere of those who choose to join this amazing, yet crazy journey of keeping your kids home and still get them educated and maintain all those things that go with raising a family and keeping a home intact.

It makes my day to see an update on my blog roll for Latter-day Homeschooling when I check my blog.  I always come away after reading with something to better in my own homeschool, or reassurance that I am not insane, or an aspect of homeschooling life that I hadn't thought of and then can ponder upon.

My homeschooling journey started over ten years ago and feel that I have much to learn still, but realized also that I am breaking into new ground and will soon be considered a "seasoned homeschooling mom" as I approach schooling with a teenager. Some how I feel more like a good piece of stake. Well salted on the outside but some what rare and squishy in the middle. ;)  But I have learned much along the way and would hope to be useful in saving someone else from my mistakes. Besides passions are to be shared!

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