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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Life is still moving forward, for the better I hope, in a new locale.

I hate the boxes and packing, then unpacking and the boxes of moving but I do love the thrill of getting to know a new place.

I am in love with living in the greater North Wet, as Mister likes to call it. It feels like home. Which is saying a lot for me. I love looking out the window every morning drinking in the beautiful landscape with all its adventure and excursion possibilities. Oh, the places I will run. My shoes won't know what hit them!

I am extremely, incurably, directionally challenged, but I can find a few of my favorite places so far, like my sister's house, The Dollar Tree (invaluable for the chore store basket...aka bribery for the kids and inexpensive school supplies) and the library.

Ahhhh, the library...



Sorry, lost in my own readers paradise for a moment there.

And one must not forget the most amazing parks and hiking trails.


Now if I could only pin down that blasted Post Office. I feel like it is stationed on Platform 9 3/4.


  1. Congrats...though I am a little sad we didn't get to see ya. B said you would be stopping by before you left :(
    Oh well...I am sure you are having lots of fun and adventures! KIT

  2. I'm so sorry we didn't ever have our get-together before you left! I love your new title/heading for your blog - it is so true to motherhood!!! Glad you are enjoying your new home!!!

  3. Amanda-I was hoping to as well! We will sure miss our get togethers. Kiss all your kiddos for us.

    Heidi-It is okay. I am bummed too but life seems to happen despite our best plans! Thanks for the sweet words too. :)