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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bewitchingly Bootiful

What is there to do, you ask, on a wet fall afternoon with children bouncing off the walls? Make Halloween decorations, of course!

The kids and I decided it was about time to festoon our house in honors of autumn and Halloween. Now we aren't really into the gory or demonic creatures but I did have to put in this cute witch from Family Fun.

She kind of reminded me of Nanny McPhee.

So with scissors, templates, and paper in hand we all got busy cutting, gluing and eating a bit of candy corn.

("Mom you must tell them that I am 'snippety-snipping', here.")

(Oh those cheeks! They are mommy cryptonite.)

(You wouldn't be able to shake this kind of concentration with an earthquake.)

I love how each jack 'o lantern shows off their personalities.

(left to right, Bananas, Darling Boy, Rapunzel, Jellybeans.)

The jack 'o lantern trend at our house would be freckles, compliments of Bananas.

Then we made candy corn and bats flying in a midnight sky.

I particularly like the bats. If you look carefully the paper has silver flecks in it.

Ribbon please!


Well... not really.

It took me a while to hang it so that I didn't feel like the house was tilting and then without making a bazillion holes in the wall. (Landlords kind of frown on that kind of thing, I guess.) But over all our house now feels festive and ready for some spooktacular fun.

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