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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Diagnosis is Not Good

That's right. It has been confirmed, I have it...the crafting bug. It lasts from early October till just after the New Year. Symptoms include raiding your embroidery stash in the middle of the afternoon because you are sure you could start a project now with out having to leave the house, dreaming of endless isles of darling fabric after darling fabric, and being completely distracted by thoughts of these:

or these:

How 'bout this!

and the companions...

There is something about the crisp fall air and earlier sunsets that cozy me up to the idea of evenings creating a textiled smorgasborg of items to give away, scatter through the house spreading festive cheer, or merely because it is just too hard to pass up in cuteness!

All I know is I am going to need more felt at my house and possibly these:

and these,

Oh my it is hopeless!

It doesn't help that I just finished my knitting projects for the fall either...

idle hands...all kinds of mischief! ;)


  1. I love those little ornaments. I wish if I tried to make them they would look anything like the ones in the pics....but the little red jacket is sooo cute!

  2. looks like some very fun projects. I too dream of doing crafts. my problem here is lack of space. If I start something I need room to let it dry or somewhere to put it while I help my kids.. somewhere that the little hands can't get it. its not so easy. I have been thinking of knitting though.. something that is easy to tuck away when needed. maybe.... just maybe. good luck with your projects. can't wait to see the final results :)