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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lazy Summer Days...

...are a myth, for me, at least. I can't help it. After hibernating this very cold and unusually long winter that lasted until June, it feels amazing to be out exploring, playing, and soaking up vitamin D with my kids.

So far our typical lazy summer week consists of picnics at the splash pad at least twice a week, the free movie on Friday mornings at the theater, awesome library classes to get out of the heat in the afternoon, hiking a new trail, disc golfing with Mister, having friends over for huge bubble making parties with our yarn bubble wands from Family Fun, and a trip to the Spokane River in various locations,

and walking through the English, and Rose Gardens at Manito Park.

Look how thrilled The Boy looks.
(Thank you random missionary for anchoring this shot.)

Plus going for bike rides, topped off with sewing and cooking lessons until swim lessons start at the end of the month.

We have also managed to squeeze in a road trip vacation for a week for a wedding which I managed to get absolutely zero pictures of because I left our flash card behind. I am very steamed about the whole thing, still.  Rapunzel also needed an emergency side of the road potty break, which we later found out that Jelly Beans was very covetous about because when we finally got to the much needed gas station and announced to the kids we are going potty, Jelly Beans exclaims: "Do I get to pee in the grass too!?!"  We finally consoled her with the fact that when we go camping she will get to do that a lot.

The next couple of months don't look like they will be slowing us down any either with three summer birthdays still in the forcast, two with in the two weeks, a day trip to the Grand Coolee Dam for the Lazer Light Show with some traditional fun in the sand at a sandy beach not to far from there and my anniversary (13 years, whoot!) just to name a few.

I love summer and the hubbub!
Now I need to start taking my camera with me with a flash card in it.

Plus summer means parading around with glitter toes...the icing on the cake.

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  1. I love all the pictures of your beautiful family! What a fun summer outing! :)