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Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have been running. Not for long periods of time, yet, but none the less, channeling my inner Steve Prefontaine. Thanks to some encouragement from two of my sister-in-laws and running, every other day. Now this is quite the feat for someone who dreaded the mile run for junior high P.E. requirements. My face used to get all red and hot for days and then I thought for sure the P.E. instructor was just making us all suffer through this school hazing ritual for kicks and giggles later in the teachers lounge. Things are beginning to change. Weird things...I actually miss running when it is my day off. (I almost passed out from shock from my own statement there.) My face no longer burns red with out of shape-non-runner shame. The challenge is addicting.

In other news, I had my first Mommy and Me, with Bananas. These are strange times for me. My oldest is almost 10 and bursting with life and girly enthusiasm. Things I am sure that never crossed my mind as a 45 year old trapped 10 year old tom boy body as a kid. (Think, "she must have an old soul".) It is enlightening and thrilling to be sharing these things with her. All the while my little artist was sparkling my fingers with silver glitter polish, hot pink cross hatches, and crystal sticker embellishments I couldn't help wanting to slow the afternoon down and take all the mental candid camera shots that I could. She is one forth of the sunshine that goes on in my life and she is sprouting right through my fingers and turning into a bright, social young woman. Making the effort to know her and be there for her is all I can hope for.

As for the garden. It is daunting to say the least. With Round-up in hand, Mister made a good first pass of those nasty and determined weeds to squelch all specimens before I can even plant. Note to self next year...start earlier! But be prepared weeds...there will vegetables this season, even if it kills me. How did the pioneer women do this?

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